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Do you agree with us that a full Environmental Impact Assessment should be completed before any application for drilling at Bramleymoor Lane is considered?
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If shale gas is found at the Bramleymoor Lane site, INEOS are likely to submit several applications for fracking sites across our area. To what extent would you support any such applications?
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Do you feel that reliable information regarding fracking and its potential impacts is readily available and accessible?
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Do you have any specific concerns about fracking locally? Please use the space below to tell us how you feel it could impact on our communities and the environment.
INEOS have recently stated that their preferred route for the HGV traffic which will be generated by the development is Dyche Lane, Eckington Road and Snowdon Lane. Please use the box below to provide your comments on this proposal, as well as any concerns you may have over it.
What more do you feel could be done to involve local residents in the planning process for fracking and ensure their voice is heard? Your local Conservative Councillors have been active in opposing fracking in our area, but is there anything else you feel we should be doing to assist local residents on this issue?
Are there any other local issues or concerns you would like to raise? (if a pothole etc, please give precise location details)
Which THREE of these local issues do you think should be prioritised?
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