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Are you a regular user of library services in South Gloucestershire?
Which libraries are you a member of?
Do you participate in any community events that are run by your local library?
Would you support an increase in council tax to cover the costs of library services remaining open full time?
If not, are there any ideas that you would like to pass to the leader of South Gloucestershire Council about how alternative savings could be found?
Would you support an introduction of a parish council library precept to help keep your local library open full time?
Would you be interested in volunteering at your local library, or being part of a community trust that helped run the local library?
Are you a user of the Green Bin?
Recently, South Gloucestershire Council reduced the costs of the Green Bin charge from £36 to £30 with the intention of reducing the charge entirely over the next four years. Do you agree with this policy?
Would you rather that the money spent on reducing the Green Bin charge be spent on library services instead, meaning that the Green Bin charge would remain instead?
Are there any other comments that you would like to be passed to South Gloucestershire Council as part of the consultation over library services?
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