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Q1 To what extent do you support the following proposals for Dronfield within the Labour District Council's Local Plan, using a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is strongly oppose and 10 is strongly support.
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235 houses on 24.39 acres east of Shakespeare Crescent
230 houses on 24.83 acres at Hallowes Golf Club
190 houses on 19.55 acres at Hilltop and Longacre Roads
180 houses on 35.56 acres to the north of Eckington Road, Coal Aston
25 houses on 4.35 acres at Stubley Hollow, with further land removed from the green belt and safeguarded for longer term development
14.83 acre extension of the Callywhite Lane industrial estate
Q2 Do you have any specific concerns or comments you wish to make on any of the proposals for developing our green belt within the Local Plan? If your comments relate to a specific proposal, please make that clear in your answer.
Q3 The Labour District Council's Local Plan proposes 860 new houses on Dronfield's green belt over the next 15 years. To what extent do you support this scale of development for our community and how do you feel the local infrastucture in Coal Aston and Dronfield (roads, schools, health services etc) would cope with what has been proposed?
Q4 Which of the following purposes of the green belt, according to national planning policy, do you feel apply in the case of the land surrounding Dronfield? Please tick all those which apply.
Check any that apply
Q5 Is the green belt important to you and if so, why?
Q6 Do you think more houses should be built in Dronfield, and if so where?
Q7 Looking at both positive and negative aspects, what effect do you think more housing will have on Dronfield?
Q8 What type of houses should be built in our area?
Q9 Turning to the issue of fracking, to what extent do you support the proposals for exploratory drilling for fracking in the area to the east of Dronfield (at Bramleymoor Lane)?
Check any that apply
Q10 INEOS (the applicants) have recently stated that their preferred route for the HGV traffic which will be generated by the fracking development is Dyche Lane, Eckington Road and Snowdon Lane. Please use the box below to provide your comments on this proposal, as well as any concerns you may have over it.
Q11 Are there any other local issues or concerns you would like to raise? (if a pothole etc, please give precise location details)
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